February 13th - 16th


2:00 Dr. Tyler G. O'Brien Bones, Beetles, and Birds: Darwin's contributions to physical anthropology
3:00 Dr. Helen C. Harton The Reproducibility Crisis in Science
4:00 Dr. Justin Holmes TBA
7:00 Kavin Senapathy Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in Your Grocery Cart


12:30 Dr. Jim Demastes Uncommon Sense and Testing the Obvious: Lessons from Biology
2:00 Dr. Carolyn Hildebrandt Superstition: Abnormal, Irrational, Pathological, or Adaptive?
3:30 Dr. John Burnight The Book of Job as Subversive Literature
7:00 Hiba Krisht Veils, Virginity, and (In)Visibility: On Being a Woman in Hezbollah Culture


2:00 Dr. Jeremy Schraffenberger The Necessary Poetics of Atheism
4:00 Dr. Scott Peters Alternative Facts Are Stubborn Things
7:30 Dr. Hector Avalos Can Science Prove Prayer Works?


12:30 Dr. Reza Lahroodi Are We Responsible for What We Believe?
2:00 Dr. Evan Renfro The Paradox of Skepticism: Fake News and the Politics of Credulity
3:30 Dr. Edgar Boedeker Is God "Dead"? Friedrich Nietzsche on Nihilism
7:00 Kathryn Crowe of NASA Skepticism, Objectivity, and the Journey to Mars

All events held in the University Room

(Maucker Union basement)